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Targeting Microbiota 2019 Congress - October 10-11, 2019

Targeting Microbiota Cover 2019 small.jpg
10 Octobre 2019 - 11 Octobre 2019

Krakow, Poland

  • Microbiota 2019: Recent Advances & Challenges
  • Non-bacterial components on host health
  • Microbiota sequencing and analyzing
  • Challenges of microbiota-host cross-talk understanding and intestinal microbiome signaling to extraintestinal organs
  • Microbiota & medicine of tomorrow
  • Phage Therapy




7th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota will be organized in Park Inn Hotel - Krakow, Poland, on October 10 - 11, 2019.
Among Microbiota 2019 Speakers...

Gut bacterial metabolites as markers and mediators of cardiovascular aging
Marcin Ufnal, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

Special session on Built Environment Microbiome
Markus Egert, Furtwangen University, Germany

Dialogue between the skin and the microbiota: The immune system is under control
Chantal Pichon, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), France

Intestinal barrier, gut microbiota and psoriasis
Mariusz Sikora, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

Brain-Gut-Microbiota Axis in Alzheimer’s Disease
Agata Mulak,
Wroclaw Medical University, Poland

Risk for Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases in the Qatari population: Can the salivary microbiome predict it?
Souhaila Al Khodor, Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar

Metabolic and Metagenomic Consequences of E. coli Infections
Matteo Serino, Inserm and Digestive Health Research Institute, France

Gut microbiota and graft-versus-host disease in patients after bone marrow transplantation.
FMT as a prevention or treatment?
Jaroslaw Bilinski, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

International Space Station and hospital environments: Composition and function of microbiomes in confined built environments
Medical University Graz, Austria

Modulating the microbiota of the hospital environment by probiotic cleaning: impact on infections and antimicrobial resistance
Elisabetta Caselli, University of Ferrara, Italy

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